Cream Broad Leaf Boucle Bath Towel

Cream Broad Leaf Boucle Bath Towel

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Our most luxurious towels and a statement to your bathroom  

Each towel is hand loomed and made from 100% organically grown cotton and dyed in a multitude of colours. Whether it be a flat weave (Pestamel) or loop pile (Boucle) these towels are soft and absorbent. These beautiful textiles are sourced from villages in Turkey. 

Bath Towel Size – 170x90cm

Available in matching hand-towel Size - 95x45cm

Wash Care Instructions

Recommended Before use: Soak your cotton boucle in cold water for 24hours, leave to dry on the line. Doing this ignites the natural fibres absorbency.

Every Day Care: Gentle Machine wash, separately with a natural laundry detergent. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach as these may affect the towels absorbency. Placing towels with other items may lead to pulls in the cottons weave. Drip dry on the line for best results. Alternatively, dry in a cool-medium dryer; do not overheat the towels as this can damage the organic cotton. If you find a loose thread do not pull the thread just simply cut it off.